We would like to acknowledge Dr Peter Hudson and Dr Sue Hudson for their development of the programs being offered with AAES.
Associate Professor Peter Hudson (PhD) has lectured in university settings in English studies, research methodology, and science education, including lecturing in Earth science and astronomy for secondary preservice teachers. He has had wide collaborations across Asia, particularly with China, Japan, Vietnam,  the Philippines and Malaysia. His teaching career spans 36 years, including 10 years as a school principal. He has supervised several doctoral candidates to completion and, with over 170 publications, his continued focus is on mentoring and English as an additional language.



Dr Suzanne Hudson (PhD) is the coordinator of professional experience at Southern Cross University after various leadership roles in the tertiary sector. She has been involved in teaching and teacher education for 35 years, and was the project leader of a large Australian Federal grant titled “Teacher Education Done Differently” (TEDD) that integrated learning experiences into the Bachelor of Education. Her publications focus on university-school partnerships, practicum and school-experiences, and middle schooling.  During her career she has coordinated many international programs from Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines and the United States.

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