English Studies

AAES has been facilitating English Studies programs since 1999. These are designed for international employers, employees and students to learn English, while experiencing the Australian culture and society.

The Australian Academy of Educational Studies (AAES) offers study tour programs to international students, teachers, and business executives. These programs are designed to develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. As it is a cultural program, no student visa is required and you only need a tourist visa.


You will be immersed in Australian culture and learn about the flora, fauna, landforms, history and the Australian way of life. AAES conducts most of its programs within Christian colleges with caring Christian homestay families or hotel accommodation can be arranged.


AAES is based in several locations - beautiful northern New South Wales, near the most easterly point, Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and north of Brisbane. Our academic staff members are fully qualified with years of successful teaching to assist your development and confidence in English.  



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