Leadership and Mentoring

The Australian Academy of Educational Studies (AAES) has a quality leadership program for school and business executives.
We also provide outstanding mentoring programs for teachers (early childhood, primary and secondary), including a high-quality online program (see below).

MET Program for Schools


We offer four Mentoring for Effective Teaching (MET) programs and a leadership program, which have been designed to train mentors for supporting preservice teachers, beginning teachers and colleagues in early childhood, primary and/or secondary schools. The programs are underpinned by research and presenters are leaders in the associated areas.


1. Mentoring preservice teachers

2. Mentoring beginning teachers

3. Mentoring school staff (peer to peer mentoring)

4. Mentoring in early childhood

5. Leadership

Each program draws upon current theories and mentoring practices that aim to facilitate Mentoring for Effective Teaching (MET).  Indeed, the MET program has national and international recognition with endorsements at the highly accomplished level. MET has been delivered in all states of Australia, the Northern Territory, the United States and Asia, including Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The mentoring programs utilise the world-recognised five-factor model for mentoring. There are one and two-day programs, depending on participant requirements. You can now do the MET program online (see below).


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Hudson's Mentoring Model