Australian Host Family

There are five people in my host family. Their names are Colin, Sharon, Maggie, Ellen and Calan. Colin is my host father, and he is a hard working and kind man. Sharon is my host mother. She is very, very, very kind and humorous woman. Children are also kind to me, and they are very cute. Maggie and Ellen are clever girls. Calan is a very active boy, and he is pretty cute for me! I’m so grateful to them for their kindness. On the 22 February we had a barbecue party at Rainbow Bay (beach) because that day was my twentieth birthday!! They held the party for me! After the barbecue finished, they gave me a birthday cake and sang a birthday song for me. I was very happy to spend my birthday with them. I like all of them in this family, and I enjoyed living with them.


Australian Host Family

My host family was very kind. There were four people in the family: Dave, Laurie, Alex, and Jordy. They had a cat called Henry. Dave and Laurie were very good cooks. One day, Dave and I made Sushi for dinner. They had a bamboo sheet for making Sushi, some Japanese plates, and two pairs of chopsticks. It was very happy for me to share Japanese culture with my host family. Laurie told me many stories about Australian culture and children. So, I could talk with her many times. All of her stories were very impressive for me, and my stories about Japan sometimes surprised her. Girls were also very kind, and we played together. They were very cute and clever. They gave me some nice pictures. I will never forget their family and the time we shared.


Australian Beaches

I went to the beach many times in Australia. It was very clean and clear with the golden sun, sparkling water, and big waves. There were many fish species, many trading ships. I liked to swim at the Rainbow Bay. I swam with many friends. It was fun.


Australian Animals

I really enjoyed the excursions very much. At Currumbin Wildlife Park, I saw many animals that I haven’t seen before. There were many kinds of birds. It was very interesting. I liked the colorful parrot which I saw in The Bird Show. I could see, touch and feed kangaroos. They were soft and cute. In the pocket, I could see the baby kangaroo – a joey. The Sea World is also a good memory. The Dolphin Cove Show and Seal Show were fantastic! And I like the scream machines. I rode the corkscrew three times and the pirate ship once. I screamed and went flying along. These were so exciting!


Learning English

Not only the excursion, but also the classes were exciting. Sue and Noami were wonderful teachers. We played sports with the LCC students, cooked with them, and talked with them at lunch or in the school bus. The students were all friendly and active.


Interacting with Australian Students

I really enjoyed this English class!! I was very, very happy to meet Peter and Ros. They were very kind!! We could study not only English but also Australian culture. In addition, I really liked listening to Peter’s songs!!! And, students of Lakeside Christian College were very friendly to us. During the breaks at morning tea and the lunch time, they always spoke to us - very friendly. We talked about a lot of things, family and school and Japanese and Australian culture and so on. Although speaking English was difficult for me, the time in this school was a very precious experience!!


Australian Lifestyle

One day, my host family and I went to a picnic area. We went to Lamington National Park and Spring Brook National Park. There were some beautiful waterfalls, very old trees, nice voices of many birds, and great views. These were the wonders of nature around the area. I was surprised at the magnificence of the nature, and I thought I was very lucky to see this part of Australia. Chihiro Enid and I went to a picnic in the Kingscliff. It was a fine Sunday. The surface of the river was shining. We had a lunch there. I thought eating lunch outside was really delicious than having it in my house. A lot of families swam near by us. It was a peaceful scene. I felt happy. I thank Enid for taking me there.

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